Weekly Migrant Info Hub update 7June-11 June 2021

New Translated Resources


1.   Translated: 5 videos & leaflets explaining the English health system in Arabic

Lancashire County Council commissioned Rethink Rebuild Society to work with experts by experience to create a series of videos and booklets in Arabic that aim to raise awareness about Health System in England amongst Arabic-speaking Refugees.

  1. Introduction to the Health System in England: video : leaflet : English
  2. Mental Health: video : leaflet : English
  3. Dental services: video : leaflet : English
  4. Family Planning and Maternity Care : video : leaflet : English
  5. Healthy Lifestyles: video : English (leaflet to come)


2.    Translated: What you can do to help stop the spread of coronavirus in the workplace

Work Right in Yorkshire and Humber is a campaign run by the Health & Safety Executive aimed at helping smaller businesses and workers during Covid-19. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety.

information leaflets for workers are available in: English, Gujarati, Hungarian, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian and Urdu.

Posters are available in: English, Gujarati, Hungarian, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian and Urdu.

There is now the English version of these St. Bart’s Health NHS Trust translations of key facts to help keep people informed about the Covid-19 vaccine.

The information is available in: English, Arabic, Bangladeshi, Cantonese, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin , Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu.

Information Resources

  1. Travelling? – Get your vaccination status letter posted from NHS UK

You can now request a COVID-19 vaccination status letter to be posted to you via the NHS UK website.

British Medical Journal have published article on prioritising inclusion health groups for covid-19 vaccination and practical ways to do this by Amy Stevens, available here


Training, events and research

  1. Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month 

This year’s Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month theme is ‘Make Some Space’ and Friends, Families and Travellers have created a number of shareable resources.

Public Health England, Midlands Health Inequalities Unit and the University of Leicester are running an event ‘Exploring Service Response to the Mental Health Needs of Refugee Children and Youth’.

This research event is of relevance to all those working with, or on behalf of, refugee and asylum-seeking children and youth (Families) across the UK and at a strategic level, e.g. Public Health, service leads, commissioners and those involved in policy.

The event will be held via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday 14th July 2021 at 13:00-14:00 and will cover research conducted by Sarah Hunt.

Voluntary and community sector partners and/or local authority community champions leads are asked to share this training invite to community champions.

“Building on the foundations of the ‘Good Conversations’ workshops run in Yorkshire and Humber, we have commissioned a new Vaccines Conversations workshop aimed at people who are in regular contact with members of the public.

Initially 20 workshops will be delivered aimed at trusted community champions in the North East and Yorkshire and Humber.  Subject to demand this offer will be extended to local authority Covid hub/trace teams and health and social care staff. 

Each workshop can caterer for 30 people and lasts for 2 hours, dates available from the 15 June to 08th July.

Click here for further information and booking links.

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