Support changes in Kirklees for asylum seekers and refugees – COVID19

In this post, we will keep you updated regarding the following services:

Health team, Education/children and young people team, voluntary sector, post decision, immigration advice, Mears, Migrant Help and Home Office.


Whitehouse centre, NHS, TB and Health visiting team

Registered patients

The practice is open but we are asking patients not to come to the practice. We are managing patients by phone. Anyone needing advice or assessment can call 03330436243 (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday). We are using telephone interpreters.

Asylum Seekers needing to register

Please refer to our website for the latest information on how to register.


If you are a service assisting with registrations and you prefer paper registration packs, please order these from us.

Other queries

Please feel free to email us if you have a question about a Kirklees asylum seeker and their health. Emergency matters can be assessed under ‘urgent and necessary care’ if the patient is not registered with us. This will be by phone initially.



“Appointments at your local doctors are now being held on the phone or online. If you have an appointment with a nurse or doctor they will contact you. Please do not walk into your doctors or health centre for any reason without being told to attend. If you have any health concerns you can use the NHS online tool which will help give advice https://111.nhs.uk/ before you call your doctors.”

There is also a press release from the CCG which is available on our website for anyone to use and share https://www.greaterhuddersfieldccg.nhs.uk/gp-practices-in-kirklees-respond-to-coronavirus-covid-19/

Health Visiting:
Business as usual.
We continue to offer movement in visits, birth visits and Antenatal contacts face to face as long as the families are not self-isolating or showing any symptoms.
We can skype the contact though.
T:  03033 309440

TB Screening:
Business as usual
T:  0303 330 9869

All health information updated 01/02/2021

Education /Children and young people

International New Arrivals Team [INAT]

We are based within the Kirklees Education Safeguarding Service and support the children of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Economic Migrants to access education.

Due to the Covid19 restrictions all school and home visits have been cancelled however we are still here to support parents/carers to access educational provision for their children via telephone and email.  

The International New Arrival team are available to ensure that families are given support to manage the school admissions processes, register at a school or nursery, access free school meals for eligible families and apply for free school uniforms. We will also continue to support the communication between home and school and signpost to other services should this be required.

Updates on Free School Meals [FSM]

As you are aware, we moved in-to a national lockdown on the 4th January 2021 and schools were advised to make their own arrangements for providing eligible family’s with free school meals vouchers or food packs.

Therefore, if your child is eligible for FSM and no arrangements have been made please contact your child’s allocated school. If you are struggling to communicate due to a language barrier the INA Team will support.

If your family does not have recourse to public funds or are waiting for a school places and would be eligible for FSM, we can organise a voucher.

If you require advice or support please contact us by telephone 01484 221919 or via email ess.inat@kirklees.gov.uk  

One of the team will contact you with an interpreter if required therefore please give name of child, address, and telephone number.  

Date: 26/01/2021

Kirklees College has been closed.

Kirklees College is planning to re-open in September, however, there’s no specific dates yet especially for the ESOL courses.

They have now started to accept ESOL referrals since Oct.

Date: 09/11/2020

Voluntary Sector

In addition, some of the drop-in session of the voluntary sector organisation have been cancelled as well for now such as: 611, Reach and Connecting Opportunities.

However, there is a level of support available support locally specifically for asylum seekers via our fantastic Voluntary Sector:


Telephone / Whatsapp 07702 382 647 or 07926 457 599 (Mon – Fri 9-5) 

Phone line is to triage and arrange appointments. 

Asylum Casework – assistance with: initial claim, appeals, fresh claim, asylum support applications, Asylum Guides (legal literacy) project

Welfare Support – referrals, advocacy and assistance with: food, clothing, housing & homelessness, healthcare, education & ESOL, Post Decision

To refer, go to www.huddsdash.org 

For updates:
Facebook @DestituteAsylumSeekersHuddersfield 

Dated: 29/01/2021

Volunteers Together
Service: By telephone only 07804867564.
When: 5 days a week Mon to Fri 10:00 till 16:00
Dated: 08/04/2020

Women’s Centre:
To access any of the services listed below:

Please phone: 01484 450866 – 9am until 4pm (answer machine available outside this time). Please leave a message if the phone is busy and your call be returned as soon as possible.

  • Women’s Mental Health Service – for women aged 18+ living in Kirklees
    Offering emotional support over the phone and online groups such as relaxation, confidence groups, relationship groups, dance movement and music therapy, alongside drop-ins where you can come to an online group and chat about your day over a cuppa. Specialist support for mothers living apart from their children and a women in exile drop-in for asylum seeking and refugee women.
  • Counselling – available online and by phone and private paid counselling available on request.
  • Project 1125 – specialist support for girls and young women aged 11-25.
  • STAGE project – specialist support for women aged 16+ who have experienced sexual abuse and grooming.
  • Referrals – Self referrals and referrals by professionals are welcome.  To make a referral please phone the number above.

Dated: 27/01/2021

The Welcome Centre

The Welcome Centre can help South Kirklees residents who are struggling to afford food. (Clients from North Kirklees will be directed to organisations who can assist.)  

As a foodbank, we offer more than just food.

Our referral line 01484 340034 is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm. Any professional working with an individual or family can make a referral. At present we are delivering to the client’s address, the next working day after the referral is made. All drivers are DBS checked and will deliver adhering to Government guidelines. 

The Welcome Centre can provide:

·        Food packs (to suit various cooking facilities and dietary requirements)
·        Toiletry packs (soap, toilet rolls, toothbrush & toothpaste, razors, deodorant & shaving foam and sanitary items)
·        Cleaning packs (Washing up liquid, dishcloths, sponge and J-Cloths)
·        Towels pack (bath, hand and flannel)
·        Pair of curtains (limited sizes available)
·        Duvet  (new or clean and washed)
·        Bedding pack (Duvet cover and sheet + pillowcases)
·        Pillow (1 for single, 2 for a double bed)
·        PAT tested kettle and toaster (if available)
·        Home Starter Pack (Crockery, cutlery and pans, can opener, sharp knife, tea towels, laundry powder) 

To see the referral information poster please click here

Updated: 29/01/2021

Connecting Opportunities

We are open for new CO referrals now. Anyone who is aged 22 and over and has a right to live and work in UK and has arrived in UK as a refugee or migrant can apply by going onto Migration Yorkshire website through online application for Connecting Opportunities or they can call Bary Malik on 07879 636427 .

Apart from weekly WhatsApp English classes we are also offering wellbeing workshops. for more details regarding those classes please contact Bary on the same number above. Date: 29/01/2021

Welcome Mentors

Are now providing a “Telephone Welcome Mentors” service.
– Translating important information to people whose first language is not English.
– Support – Befriending referrals assisting them by completing regular telephone communications to support the individuals wellbeing. This may also include text and Whats App. We have the new link on line at Volunteering Kirklees.  https://volunteeringkirklees.org.uk/job/telephone-welcome-mentor/
Dated: 07/07/2020

Meet try and learn

The project will return when social distancing measures are removed.
Dated: 07/07/2020

This Way 4 English 

We are now offering over the phone Assessments – please contact Anita on 07425444080 via phone , text or WhatsApp.

Free Zoom ESOL Classrooms

WhatsApp your Zoom teacher Saira on 07776 588698 for more information
Dated: 07/07/2020

Legal Advice

Kirklees Citizens Advice and Law Centre – KCALC:
Cases by phone only: 0808 2787896 or via the Contact Form on the website www.kcalc.org.uk
Dated: 29/01/2021

Job Centre

JCP has been open to the public since the past 3 months now.

However, we are only open for;

  • Necessary and urgent pre-booked appointments only.
  • All other appointments are being completed via phone.
  • Claimants are able to enter JCP offices to use our computers to look and apply for jobs or to make their UC claim online  There may be time restrictions applicable during busy periods so people may have to wait outside or comeback at a given time to use these services.
  • You could find their updates on https://twitter.com/@dwp
  • Dated: 09/011/2020

Post Decision Team:
Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the Customer Service Centres are only dealing with those who are homeless on the day.  Please do not present at Customer Service Centres, instead call the team on 01484 221350 and ask for “Housing Solutions”.  A member of the team will then make contact with you. The Post Decision cases need to make a claim for mainstream benefits.  They will continue to receive financial support until their benefits have come through.  However, once they have received their first payment they must inform the Home Office, to avoid any overpayments being made.
Dated: 09/07/2020

Refugee Council has been calling on the government to protect people seeking asylum and refugees at risk due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.  We are particularly concerned for people who are unable to access accommodation or support, those on limited support and those in shared accommodation who may be unable to self-isolate.

This page provides a summary of the government’s response to date,  noting key temporary changes to asylum and resettlement policy and practice.  Information will be updated on a daily basis.  Last updated at 10:00am, on 3rd July 2020

To read all changes please click here

Home Office

Asylum screening interview

The Home Office are still registering asylum claims (though some people have reported difficulties getting their claims registered). If people do not claim asylum at the port of entry, screening interviews usually take place at the Asylum Intake Unit in Croydon (south London).

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, the Home Office are now also doing some asylum screening interviews in Glasgow, Belfast (which was already a screening interview location if you arrived to the UK in Northern Ireland), Liverpool, Leeds, Solihull and Cardiff.

Substantive (big) asylum interview

The Home Office have now (since July) begun doing some asylum interviews by video call. The Home Office were already using video link for some asylum interviews prior to the Coronavirus crisis. The Home Office are prioritising people who live closest to the video interview facilities (to reduce the need for travel). They intend to begin face-to-face interviews again at a later date.

Further submissions (fresh claims)

Previously, most people who wanted to submit further evidence to be considered as a fresh claim (read more in the Right to Remain Toolkit here) had to go and do this in person in Liverpool.

This requirement has been stopped for now – there are no face-to-face appointments in Liverpool taking place

You can submit further evidence by post or email.

The Home Office prefer evidence to be sent by email but this will not be possible for everyone.

Remember if you are sending it yourself (without the help of a lawyer), you will need to explain who you are, and what the evidence is, and how it amounts to a fresh claim – do not just send the evidence without explanation.

The details for sending the evidence are:

Postal address:

Further Submissions Unit
The Capital Building
Old Hall Street
L3 9PP

E-mail address:


You do not need to contact the Further Submissions Unit by telephone first – you can just email your evidence, along with a completed further submissions form. For an explanation of the questions the form asks, see the Right to Remain Toolkit section on fresh claims.

The maximum size of attachment (the documents you are sending) to the email is 20MB, you can send multiple emails if you will go over this amount. It would be useful to connect the multiple emails by saying in the email, for example “this is email 1 of 5”; “this is email 2 of 5.”

If you want to know about the progress of a fresh claim/further submissions you have already submitted, you can email the Home Office at csupostteam@homeoffice.gov.uk

Full information could be found on https://righttoremain.org.uk/changes-to-the-asylum-process-due-to-covid-19/

A new guidance has been published on the resumption of substantive interviews. to read the full document please click here

If you click here you can read the answers to questions submitted at a recent Home Office event that Migration Yorkshire attended regarding interviews

Mears updates
Business as usual
When seeking asylum, you may be living in a shared house or flat, or you may be living in a bigger building with other residents.

Mears Housing Management has the government contract to provide accommodation and support for asylum seekers in Kirklees. When you arrive in your Mears accommodation, you will get details of your Housing Manager or Resident Welfare Manager who will make regular visits to your accommodation.
Dated: 29/01/2021

Migrant Help

“Migrant Help has one main national Freephone helpline number, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for all our clients.

We provide interpreters in any language.  The number is : 0808 8010 503


Asylum Services

The other ways of contacting Migrant Help are via  ‘Raise an Issue, Service User Portal and Webchat’ – see below weblink.


Eligibility and Change of Circumstances forms


For specific queries see the email address’s below (which is also included in the  AIRE newsletters):-

Outreach Team request–  outreach@migranthelpuk.org

Positive Move On Team – positivemoveon@migranthelpuk.org

General correspondence Home Office – ASCorrespondence@migranthelpuk.org

Escalations where a case needs to be escalated to senior management  – escalations@migranthelpuk.org

AIRE newsletters with regular updates on the service



Comments, Feedback or complaints
Dated: 26/11/2020

Kirklees Council events postponed

Kirklees Welcomes Briefing sessions:
20 March 2020 – Dewsbury library – Dewsbury
23 April 2020 – The Mission – Huddersfield

Introduction to Migration:
26 March 2020 – Howlands Centre – Dewsbury
30 April 2020 – The Mission – Huddersfield