DASH is recruiting an Asylum Guides Coordinator

Hours: 18.75 hours a week
Salary: £12 an hour
Contract: 3 years

Deadline: 9 July 

Interviews: 14/15 July tbc

Start date: 1 August 2020

DASH is one of 7 frontline organisations covering 7 UK regions undertaking the Asylum Guides project, in partnership with Refugee Action and funded by Comic Relief. 

Rooted in the principles of Early Action, the Asylum Guides project takes a preventative approach that aims to empower those seeking asylum to better navigate the UK asylum system by increasing knowledge and understanding of their rights and options within it. The project will be delivered to DASH clients, by trained volunteers, through one-to-one and group-based sessions. The coordinator will recruit, train and manage the DASH team of Asylum Guides.

As those who have gone through the UK asylum system will be central to this project’s delivery, we are particularly keen to hear from refugees.

To apply, please email maeve.l@huddsdash.org for a full job description and application form.


#KirkleesWelcomes – Its up to you

What is ‘It’s up to You’?
‘It’s up to You’ is the Kirklees Council’s Cohesion teams funding programme and one of the key ways in which  communities think how they can work together to improve the lives of everyone in their communities and get to know others in the local community.

What’s it all about?
The process is simple, local people submit ideas for small scale projects that will help bring people together in their areas, both people who are already living there and new migrants to the area. Individuals can apply for up to £100 and groups (who don’t have to be formal groups) can apply for up to £500.

These ideas are then put on display at a public event where everyone from the local area can read them and decide which ones they like best. Every voter has three votes to distribute as they see fit amongst the candidates. At the end of the event the votes are counted up and the projects with the most votes all get a share of the pot allocated to that are

What is funded?
The ideas are tremendously varied and reflect the different needs of the diverse areas of Kirklees. Past applications have included language classes for non-native speakers, fitness classes for older people, projection equipment for a community cinema, International Women’s Day projects, crèche facilities for working parents, funding for a Wellbeing Café and many more.

One World Group
Please take the time to watch the short film, One World Group is a fantastic International arts group in Huddersfield. A very talented group from all over the world who now live in and around Huddersfield. They came together because of their love of art and creativity but also bringing with that many different cultures and of course their amazing skills. The group before COVID19 met every Friday at S2R which is the perfect space for such a creative group

Being awarded £500 from Its Up To You has allowed the group to move from meeting in Jean York’s front room to rent a space in the Town Centre to develop their ideas and creativity

There are many people in this short film but a huge thank you to Jean York who established and developed the One World Craft group, Jean is joined in the film by Cllr Pattison Kirklees Council Cabinet Member for Learning, Aspiration and Communities , Mashuda Shaikh Kirklees Faith and Integration Manager and also Yinka who you will see in one of the #CarryMyStory good news stories this week.

Brilliant work, a huge thank you to all involved.  

Welcome Mentor

The Welcome Mentors “WM” is a service commissioned by Kirklees Councils Communities Service, Third Sector Leaders “TSL” in Kirklees manage the programme working closely with the Councils Migration and Refugee Resettlement Team.

The WM is a befriending service and the team is playing such a vital role especially now during CO19 to reduce isolation and loneliness.

When an individual or a family have been referred, the WM team match them with the right mentor to provide a suitable support.

Currently, there are 70 active welcome mentor across Kirklees. They look after refugees, asylum seekers and migrants individuals and families on daily basis.

In the below video an explanation about the role of WM, what do they on daily basis and what is the criteria of a good welcome mentor. You don’t need to invest a lot of time to join the team and become a mentor. This is an open invitation for everyone to join the Welcome Mentor Team.

Kirklees Libraries – #RefugeeWeek

Through a programme of arts, cultural and educational events alongside media and creative campaigns, Refugee Week brings about positive encounters between communities, helping them to connect and learn from each other, and promoting a culture of welcome.

Take a look at our themed collection, choose a book to read and join us.

Books transport us…..Through the page, we can reach out and touch another’s experience, or take a hike with them through the mountains and valleys of their imagination.

We encourage everyone to register with the libraries across Kirklees. Therefore, we produced a leaflet to explain how to register and what we offer. As we don’t want anyone to be excluded, we translated the leaflet to 11 languages in order to try most of the people living in Kirklees. The translation have been done by a group of Kirklees Council employees who volunteered to do translation, as well as, Welcome Mentors volunteers.

Click on the link below for the library e-learning material