Weekly Migrant Info Hub update 25 September-1 October 2021

Updated Translated Resources

1.Translated: Official – How to take a home Covid test

The UK government have expanded their range of translations for their COVID-19 PCR home test kit instructions.

Now available in: English, Easy Read, Large Print, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi (India), Punjabi (Pakistan), Polish, Slovenian, Somali, Urdu, Welsh

Free online BSL interpretation services for the NHS are also available.

2. Translated: Antibody test kits

Guides for taking the antibody test have been translated into the following languages: Bangla, Chinese (Simplified), Gujarati, Polish, Punjabi, Urdu and Welsh.

New Information Resources

1. ‘Caring for vulnerable migrant women’ – guide for midwives and maternity support workers

The Royal College of Midwives has produced ‘Caring for vulnerable migrant women’ which is a pocket guide for midwives and maternity support workers, covering a range of topics.

2. Hardship arrangements for those unable to pay for managed quarantine or testing

The UK government has published guidance on financial support for people who cannot afford the managed quarantine and testing fees associated with ‘essential travel’ to the UK during the pandemic.

3. Migrant Health Guide: countries A-Z

The UK government has updated its migrant health advice and guidance on prevalence of communicable diseases and other health topics from different countries.

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